Discussions on Book/Special Issue

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Discussions on Book/Special Issue

Postby Laurence » 28 Jun 2013 11:35 am

Just airing my suggestions for outputs of some sort of ARIES product.

I think a Special Issue, or collection of papers would have the most impact, rather than a book, for the following reasons:

1. The field is moving so fast that a book will be almost out of date before it is published
2. A book would also not be much use as a reference manual because the ARIES models are in constant development at the moment, so a manual would again rapidly become obsolete
3. A special issue would collect a broad range of ARIES-focused models and information into one place - they would serve as a reference point for information over the next year or so, which can be updated/improved with subsequent papers.
4. Papers are citeable and the first special issue would serve as a collective 'marker' for the methodology, and would gain citations over the years as ARIES is applied more widely.
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Re: Discussions on Book/Special Issue

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