The IM Partnership Steering Committee (SC) determines the strategic direction of the partnership, including identifying emerging science needs and new partners to engage. Directions for development are re-evaluated annually and approved by the SC, so that the development can follow the most agreed-upon track.

Each member organization nominates one SC member. Partner organizations are encouraged to nominate SC members that will lead and support the IM Partnership philosophy (construction of a rigorous semantic web, open-source software and open data/collaborative modeling, and the FAIR Principles).

The SC meets twice a year, at the annual IM Partnership training event and six months before/after. SC members may attend in-person or virtually, and an alternate may be designated if an organization’s SC member is unable to attend. The Steering Committee nominates and approves by majority vote a chair, vice-chair, and secretary, each of whom serve a 2-year term (as long as their organization stays a member).