Content under development

The IM partnership is being launched as we write (Fall 2017). Much of the its initial work will provide full documentation in web pages like this one. As a temporary preview, we outline each page's planned contents here. We expect the site to be in initial working shape by 2018.

We are currently entertaining conversations with prospective partners, whose participation will be instrumental in finalizing this site's details and content.

Please contact us at if you would like more information before then.

Outline of forthcoming content

Semantic modeling is built on the premise that each user’s computer can access and use diverse, semantically annotated, distributed data and models on the web.

Data, models, and other infrastructure are contained on a networked integrated modelling node. The core IM development team currently maintains an IM node, but the development of additional, networked nodes will be supported and encouraged.

An IM node provides its host with full administrative control over locally hosted data and model resources, which can be shared with the rest of the IM network to the appropriate extent. Members of the IM Partnership will have the opportunity to set up their own nodes, with support from the IM development team.